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Transport on Demand (TAD) in the Rambouillet area

Transport on Demand (TAD) is a public transport service which allows users to travel by prior reservation, according to schedules and routes defined in advance. In the Rambouillet area, this service is managed by a transport company in collaboration with the Rambouillet Territoires urban community.

The Rambouillet Territoires TAD is a practical and efficient mobility solution for users with specific travel needs. The service operates from Monday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and offers several lines which serve the municipalities in the area. Users can reserve their journey at least the day before 5 p.m., by calling a dedicated number.

TAD is particularly useful for users with specific time constraints, such as workers with odd hours or students with evening classes. Users can book their trip in advance according to their schedule, allowing them to plan their trips with complete peace of mind.

In addition, TAD is a more flexible mobility solution than regular public transport lines, as it allows serving sparsely populated or underserved areas. Indeed, in sparsely populated areas, public transit lines may be less frequent or even nonexistent, making TAD all the more important for residents in these areas.

In addition to meeting the mobility needs of users, the TAD also contributes to reducing individual car traffic. In fact, people using TAD do not need to use their car for their travels, which reduces the environmental impact and promotes more sustainable mobility.

The Rambouillet Territoires TAD also offers a support service for people with reduced mobility. Users can benefit from assistance getting in and out of the vehicle, as well as specific support to help them get around.

In conclusion, On-Demand Transport in the Rambouillet area is a practical, flexible and sustainable mobility solution for users with specific travel needs. The service offers a flexible schedule and easy booking, while being environmentally friendly and offering a support service for people with reduced mobility. The TAD is therefore an interesting alternative for residents of the Rambouillet area, who wish to travel in complete safety and in a practical manner.


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